the wedge is back

Our unique design provides a generous scratching area with a cool look. The scratcher is composed of two planes invisibly intersecting. The simple slide together design requires no tools. Scratching surface is FLOR carpet and can be replaced easily with six binder posts. Update the carpet to match your home or provide different surfaces for your cats scratch habits. Facing surface is gloss white laminate on CFC certified birch plywood. The back and sides are unfinished birch.

12"w / 19"t / 24"d (30.5 / 48.5 / 61)

the post - steel cap and base

You get to choose matte brown steel base and cap or clear coated steel. These streamlined scratching posts offer the classic scratch option but in a sleek minimalist way. Available in woven sisal or sisal rope. Felt pads help protect floors. Please allow 5-7 days fo delivery.

Ottoman coming soon

Our ottoman is going to be really cool. Less expense than the original versions, and alot cooler with the wood accents. Please vote below if you like the idea.

the post - wood cap and base

New posts in a classic design with a few twists. Choose from either woven sisal or sisal rope. Both surfaces are extremely durable for scratch happy cats. We use a solid pine post finished to a 3/4" thick CFC plywood with a gloss laminate surface.